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主營: 井蓋 排水系統 塑料建材

Jiangmen Yisu Technology Co., Ltd., the pioneer of Yisu Technology Sponge city construction, has been engaged in the injection molding industry for ten years, actively implements the national Sponge city strategic construction call, and successfully develops a series of supporting products for Sponge city construction integrating rainwater regulation and storage, water conservation, and rainwater purification through innovation according to the Sponge city Construction Technology Guide; Adhering to the system design concept of landscape as the carrier and water ecological infrastructure as the support, the land in the city will breathe and be as elastic as a sponge. For a long time, it has provided Sponge city with all required indicator products, and its cooperation over the years has been recognized by major Sponge city on the mainland. Our products are widely used in rainwater drainage in Sponge city construction projects, rainwater drainage in urban rail transit construction projects, pipeline laying in underground pipeline projects, rainwater and sewage drainage in chemical plants, and other engineering construction fields with high requirements for corrosion resistance